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In this episode, I dive into the topic of anxiety and panic attacks, shedding light on the severity and impact they can have on individuals.

I start by acknowledging the current state of the world and the stress it has caused, particularly during Black History Month. I express my excitement about creators highlighting the achievements of Black and Brown people in various fields.

Moving on to the main topic, I discuss anxiety as a common and often misunderstood condition. I emphasize that anxiety is not something to be taken lightly or dismissed as mere nervousness. It is a legitimate mental illness that affects millions of people, especially minorities and women. I highlight the various ways anxiety can manifest, such as fear, social awkwardness, and avoidance of certain activities.

I stress the importance of seeking help and not being ashamed to talk about anxiety or panic attacks. I encourage listeners to consult their primary care physician or a therapist to discuss their symptoms and explore appropriate treatment options. I also provide a list of coping mechanisms, including writing, dancing, reading, and engaging in hobbies, to help manage anxiety and panic attacks.

Lastly, I touch on the topic of social anxiety, which can be particularly debilitating. I share my personal experiences with social anxiety and the challenges it presents in social situations. I urge parents to pay attention to signs of anxiety in their children and teach them healthy coping skills.

Overall, the episode aims to raise awareness about anxiety and panic attacks, provide support, and encourage listeners to seek help and find effective coping strategies.

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