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Corporate Murder

In this emotional podcast episode, I discuss the tragic story of Dr. Antoinette Bonnie Candia Bailey, a brilliant and accomplished black woman who took her own life due to the relentless harassment and bullying she faced at her workplace. Dr. Bailey was the Vice President of Student Affairs at Lincoln University in Missouri, and her story resonates with me deeply as I have also experienced the toxic and traumatizing environment of my former workplace.

I share my own experiences of being mistreated and ignored by management, and the toll it took on my mental health. Like Dr. Bailey, I sought help and went through the proper channels to address the issues, but was met with indifference and even laughter from those in power. It is heartbreaking to think that someone as accomplished and vibrant as Dr. Bailey felt so hopeless and alone that she saw no other way out.

This episode serves as a reminder of the struggles that black women face in various aspects of life, including the workplace. It highlights the urgent need for change and for creating safe and supportive spaces for black individuals to thrive. Mental health issues, including suicidal thoughts, are real and prevalent in our communities, and it is crucial that we have open and honest conversations about them.

I encourage listeners to reach out for help if they are struggling and to support one another. We must recognize the signs of distress in our loved ones and offer them the support they need. It is time to break the silence and fight against the systemic racism and discrimination that contribute to the mental health crisis in our communities.

I dedicate this episode to Dr. Antoinette Bonnie Candia Bailey and all the other black women who have been pushed to the brink by a society that fails to value and protect them. May her soul rest in peace, and may her story serve as a catalyst for change.

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