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Doctor Racist N. Discrimination

I can't count the number of times that I've been treated like shit because of one, or all of these reasons.

I recently had to get extremely loud about a doctor spending 15 minutes telling me that she "doesn't know what to say. Maybe double your Tylenol dose." She then lied on the visit summary about how the visit really went. And she used my weight to try and cover her ass. I went all the way up the chain to a vp of something, to report her.

You know what happened?

I was told that "she feels just horrible that I felt that way. She's so nice. I'm sure she didn't mean it"

She didn't mean to put her lies in the summary?

She didn't mean to get caught being a.... Nevermind..... 😡

She was banking on the fact that, one, I wouldn't read my file, two, that I wouldn't say anything.

I shouldn't have to worry about my these things when I'm sick. Or ever!

If these practices aren't highlighted, people will continue to perish at the hands of doctors that don't give a rat's ass about an oath.

Keep fighting. Your life may depend on it.

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