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Doggie Love

This is my #granddoggie 🐶🥰 We got him when he was a teeny baby. I got sick a year before we got him. So I was home with him every day for about 8 years. When he relocated with his mommy, I knew I would miss him a little, but enjoy not having poop duty anymore. As you can see, we are a hot mess without each other. Lol. He won't talk to me on FaceTime, but when I show up, we're inseparable. My therapist has been pushing for me to get an #emotionalsupportdog for two years. I keep putting it off for various reasons. But I think I may give in. The loneliness that I've been experiencing lately is overwhelming. And when you add that to everything else, I can end up in my shell for days at a time. That's why I like to tell people that there are so many forms of therapy. There's no such thing as traditional therapy anymore. We have to start considering therapy as anything that is safe, healthy, and harmless as therapy. I hope you find one or two things that bring you a little peace. Even if they change every week. Do what you need to do to calm your soul. I'm proud of you for being you today. 💚 #youreasuperhero🦸🏽‍♂️ #divawithdepression #minoritymentalhealthadvocate #minoritymentalillnessadvocate #igetyou #igotyou #myvoiceisyourvoice #yourlifegivesmelife #youreasuperhero #depression #severetreatmentresistantdepression #ptsd #trauma #podcaster #writer #publicspeaker

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