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Happy with Jeanne Muhammad

An Interview with Jeanne Muhammad, the Global Happiness Expert

In this inspiring episode of "Breaking the Mask of Depression," I had the pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable Jeanne Muhammad, a woman who wears many hats: a global happiness expert, author, speaker, blogger, coach, and much more. As we celebrate Women's History Month, I wanted to shine a light on the incredible women who have made a significant impact on my life, and Jeanne is undoubtedly one of those influential figures.

Jeanne's journey is one of resilience and transformation.

Born in a two-room shack in Louisiana, she grew up in an environment marred by domestic violence and poverty. Despite these challenges, Jeanne's love for reading and her belief in a better future propelled her to escape her circumstances at the young age of 16, setting off to California with a forged letter and a bus ticket.

Throughout the episode, Jeanne opens up about her tumultuous past, including her struggles with alcoholism, drug addiction, and homelessness. She candidly shares the turning points in her life that led her to seek healing and self-love. Her story is a testament to the power of self-examination and the importance of taking responsibility for one's own happiness.

As a global happiness expert, Jeanne emphasizes that happiness is an inside job and that it's crucial to become self-aware of what brings us joy. She encourages listeners to find happiness within themselves rather than relying on others to provide it. Jeanne's approach to happiness is holistic, considering the mind, body, and soul.

Listeners can connect with Jeanne through her website, where she offers a free self-love report and various self-help books designed to guide individuals on their healing journey. Her message is clear: it's never too late to pursue your dreams and find happiness, as evidenced by her own experience of writing her first book at the age of 72.

This episode is a powerful reminder that we all have the strength to overcome adversity and that by sharing our stories, we can inspire and support others in their own journeys.

So, tune in, share this episode, and let's continue to uplift our communities by spreading messages of hope, healing, and happiness.

Remember to visit my website,, for more information on Jeanne Muhammad and to access resources that can help you or someone you love break the mask of depression.

Stay well, find peace in your day, and never forget that you're a superhero. 💚

Jeanne Muhammad's Website:

CEO of Freedom2Live LLC

Certified Life and Happiness Coach, a Certified Assertiveness and Confidence Coach, A Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and a Certified Self-Care Coach. I have an Associate's Degree in Christian Psychology. I am working towards

my BA in Psychology.

I am a Professional Speaker, a Workshop Facilitator, a Blogger and Podcaster.

I Co-Host the podcast “IAmTheData” on YouTube and other streaming services.

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