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This is how it all begins. Usually I’m at least 24 hours into an episode of insomnia. My eyeballs are seeing eyeballs. I can’t sit up. The TV is just an object. So I get excited. Put on my favorite tshirt. Crawl under the covers. Turn the lights off. And:


Is that a new speck on the ceiling? I wonder why they call it a popcorn ceiling? When I was six I made a horrible mistake. I wonder what the kids did tonight. I’m going to turn to my left side. That’ll help me fall asleep.


If she snapped, the ID channel, it must have been his fault. Oh shit, I didn’t pay my, insert bill. I haven’t spoken to, insert person who I never speak to. I took that sedative. Why aren’t I sleeping?! If I wasn’t such a depressed loser, I’d be sleeping. Only losers and weak people suffer from depression and insomnia. I’m going to turn the air on. I sleep when it’s cold.


Hears stomping- guess the guy upstairs is getting ready for work now. Do I have any appointments today? I really need to get my life together. I’m going to work on my business today. I don’t think I’m good at it though. Look at my strong successful friends. I don’t have what they have. I’ll probably stay broke forever. Loser. Wonder what I’ll have for lunch. Wonder if I’ll leave the house today. It’s been a week. I wonder why that man killed his wife.(an article I read 2 days ago.)


My eyes are closing. *yawn* Here comes sleep. Ahh…… What’s that noise?! Insert- horns blowing, dogs barking, sun rising.


Guess I’ll get up and have some tea. Let’s see what the news is saying.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Isn’t that the saying?

Sipping tea- “Dead is looking real good right about now…”

Check out my new episode:

I Can't Fkn Sleep!

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