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Little Girl Still Lost

Guess what y'all. They don't sell it down at The Walmarts....... 😔

One day I will find the courage to discuss my parents without going inpatient afterwards.

My brother and I were having a long, sad, difficult conversation yesterday. Every time we have one of these conversations, I, one- wonder how/why I'm still above, but laying on the, ground. Two, I am always reminded of my shortcomings that are a result of the horrible things that were said and done to me. And when those things are done by the people that were supposed to love you unconditionally, it's hard to recover from the trauma. It's also hard to regain everything that was taken from, or never encouraged in, you.

Sometimes being here in spite of, is not enough.

And please don't tell me my age and how I should be passed it. You have NO idea what type of pain I carry. Age doesn't mean shit when your spirit is still a broken child looking for comfort and support.

In the meantime, I will wait for the sale while I push through in my own way and time.

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