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My Fat Cloak

As I was getting dressed the other day, I looked in my closet for something to wear. Standing there it occured to me that it was a waste of time.

All of my fat clothes are somewhere that's easily accessible. They're in rotation.

These are not only my fat clothes. They're my- I'm trying my best to not look fat. Or trying to not look so fat.

The thing is, everyone can see me. They know. They know!!!

Because they're not only my fat clothes. Or my don't look too fat clothes.

They are my cloak of invisibility. They are my please don't look at me clothes. My maybe if I look like shit they will not look at me.

They are my comfort. They are familiar.

And I hate them. Hate me.

I have to run errands now. Let me see what color cloak I will wear today.

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