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Not a Bit of Damn Sense

Hey Guys,

I get lotsa whispers about my darkness, so I decided to show you my other that I do have moments of laughter and silliness.

Y'all know how my life is setup......

So I went to Michaels the other day.(the day I almost went to prison.... again) Focus!!!

I was looking through the marked down Xmas stuff. I saw this little box. It said cake. The expiration date was straight. And most of all, it was 80% off. (y'all know I'm frugal...hush.)


I get home and start putting stuff away. I take this out and said let me try this.

Get it open. Give it the once over. And me take a likkle taste. Then another likkle taste.

All of a sudden I felt hot. And woozy. I said, "Lawd Faddah I'm gonna die chunky, greedy, and drunk!

Y'all, I now know how people feel after my MaiTai Cake. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Since I don't drink much anymore, this 80¢ cake is gonna be my "medicine" for a few days.

Ok, carry on and wait for my next episode. 😁🙄😋

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