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Schizophrenia is Black and Brown

We used to think that Schizophrenia was just hearing voices.

We used to think that Schizophrenia was another "white people" disease.

It's not.

"Numerous studies over decades have shown that Black Americans are diagnosed at higher rates of schizophrenia than White Americans. In a 2018 analysis of data from 52 different studies, researchers found that Black Americans are 2.4 times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Other studies have shown that Blacks are diagnosed at three and four times the rate of white people."- psycom

On the latest episode of Breaking the Mask, I touch on this ”hidden” mental illness. Our communities are often ashamed of all mental illnesses, but they REALLY hide the reality of schizophrenia.

Please listen and share. Learning is the key to ending the stigma of mental illness. You may also save a life.

For more information on schizophrenia and helpful resources, visit

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