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Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

I'm watching an episode of Perry Mason from 1965. (I'm an old soul.😁)

Della is trying to convince Perry that a beautiful young lady didn't die by suicide.

Things have changed a little. We're having the conversations. We're raising awareness.

But so many STILL think like this. That there's a "look" to someone that is living with a mental illness and struggling with suicidal thoughts.

An amazing young lady, a fitness model and influencer, died by suicide recently. As I read through the comments, I cried. At least 70% of them mentioned how wonderful her life was and that they couldn't look at her and see the pain.

I always say that the deeper our pain, the better the mask. We don't all look like what we're going through.

You can't look at someone and know what they're going through. Know they're pain. It's impossible.

And the more we keep throwing this myth around, the more souls we'll continue to lose.

Please take the time to educate yourself on the subject. Find out what you should and shouldn't say to someone living with these thoughts. ASK THEM how you can help instead of assuming or ignoring.

Check on ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE, not just the "strong" ones.

Please dial 988 if you need someone to help you.

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