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Welcome Back to the Darkness.

Hey Guys!

Happy New Year! Happy everything else I missed!

I have a story.(as usual)

You guys know how I talk about depression brain and depression fog. Well.......

I received a notice in, probably, late October, telling me that my domain payment was coming up for renewal. I said, like I don't know who I am, "I'll take care of it next week."

Then I received the message that it needed to be paid or else I'd lose my domain. I wrote it on my post it collection and vowed to pay it right away.

If you tried to reach my site you probably already know the ending.

I tried to post something and got crickets. Then I went to pay it and got more crickets. I messaged my brother, and tech support, crying. The ugly cry. "I don't have a domain. I'm a loser. I fucking hate my life." He was at work and had no time for my shit. Lol.

The fog lifted long enough for me to try checking to see if my name was still out there. 🙏🏽

It was.

Then I tried to buy it again. 🙏🏽

It worked! Snot flying everywhere, I messaged my brother and called of the meltdown alert.

I promised to tell you guys the dark truth about these illnesses. Honestly, I was gonna say that there was a tech error or something. But I would have missed telling you that it's fucking miserable living like this, but there are specs of light here and there.

I hope this year brings us more specs of light. We damn well deserve them.


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