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WTF is Narcissism!

I never knew what narcissism truly meant. I always thought that it was someone that was very vain. And being vain is annoying, but not abusive.

We are very quiet about the fact that emotional and mental abuse is actually ABUSE. It’s ignored. And by ignoring it, we’ve allowed horrible, abusive people to get away with murder. Literally and figuratively.

On my latest episode, I share what narcissistic behavior is and how it can break your whole fucking soul. I share some of the signs and how to maneuver life with a narcissist.

This is definitely not a club that I want to belong to. What I suffered at the hands of my parents and several men was brutal. I still haven’t recovered and seriously doubt I ever will. That’s why I wanted to share this information. If I can help one person escape or avoid the madness, then I will be satisfied.

If this episode resonates with you, please share it. You may just save a life.

Photos by: Lisa Romano and Maria Consiglio

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